A Financial Management Consultancy

Financial Management Case Histories

Spectrum manufactures and sells capital goods to a global customer base. As part time Finance Director Positive Outlook helped the new board to focus on margin and profitable growth. Helping to prioritise the strategic objectives led to a budget for the first year. Turnover, margins and profits increased and systems and processes were updated to cope with the current and planned growth. Five year plans have been modelled, new financing has been received and the business has clear strategies and objectives to achieve the owner’s goals.

Several projects were carried out to support the University’s financial change management process. Financial management and coordination of the total University capital spend (c£70m p.a.), enabling the collection of SRIF funds, development of an organisation capital plan and strengthening of the appraisal process. Controller of the Medical Sciences Division, controlling and monitoring the finances for this £200m p.a. teaching and research Division. The budget process was improved across the Division, financial plans were achieved and capital investment appraisals were completed for several large capital investments including new research centres . Assisting the Registrar and Vice Chancellor and their senior managers to review their central budgets of c£65m p.a.

Swaay is a residential therapeutic service for boys aged between 11 and 18 years old. As part time Finance Director Positive Outlook took responsibility for all areas of financial management, control and reporting. It also developed commercial relationships with clients during a time of considerable change in the market. During the six year involvement the organisation strengthened its balance sheet, self financed the purchase of a school for over £1m and increased margins and profits. Positive Outlook helped the owner’s to achieve their exit objectives.

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